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I am using Genuine Health Vegan Proteins+ in double chocolate flavour. It is vegan, gluten free, and no GMO's or soy. I like very dark chocolate 70-90% so I add a tbsp of Wasco Pure Cocoa powder. The cocoa has only 15 cal, 1g of carb but 2g of fibre (not sure how that works) and 0.5g of fat. The Vegan Proteins+ has 130 cal in a scoop with 2g fat, 7g carb, and 20g protein.

It's not really wonderful tasting but the only ingredients are yellow pea, brown rice, cranberry seed, alfalfa, and hempseed proteins with stevia, and natural dutch cocoa powder and a bit of xanthan gum. No chemical weirdness and it's only $1.50 a serving.

This is good to use for protein cycling - changing your protein source up every couple of weeks so you don't develop intolerances or mild allergies by using the same product for a long while.

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