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And then there are the folks who get really upset because no one seems to notice that they have lost any weight.

The folks around us don't stand a chance...should they mention it when they notice we have lost some weight or should they just pretend they don't see what they see?

For the folks who don't want the comments they are about not responding to those comments. The uncomfortable silence that follows will put the person on notice that you don't want your weight being talked about.

Or when asked how much weight you have lost just come back with "I don't know but I feel a lot healthier!" That would also stop the "How much more are you going to lose?" question since you haven't given them something to base that question on.

A lot of us are very sensitive to how people view us and our being overweight is often a big failure in our eyes so we pretend we aren't as fat as we are. So sometimes the comments, no matter how well-intended or supportive they are, points out how large we really are/were and it stings.

We don't need to feel like we "owe" anyone an answer to questions about our weight because it IS a very personal question. If you want to answer and are proud of what you have accomplished, then exclaim it. But if you don't want to answer because you are a more private person, then silence will go a long ways to stopping the questions.

You are all doing fantastic working on your health and I hope you can realize how truly amazing you all are!

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