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Originally Posted by ang2576 View Post
Week 2 weigh in - only down 1 pound and she told me it was muscle loss and not fat loss. Starting to get frustrated especially since I'm following the plan 100%. Still battling the big C as well even though I am drinking over 100 ounces of water a day and getting my veggies as well. Really struggling to convince myself that this very expensive diet is worth it when I am not losing much
Looking at your stats, that means you've lost 8 pounds in 2 weeks - what part of that is not great? 4 pounds a week average is a great loss! And it wasn't necessarily "muscle loss" instead of fat. The scales most clinics use to measure fat vs. muscle are terribly inaccurate.

Along with your water and veggies are you getting all your oil in? That can make a big difference with the big C. If you're uncomfortable, you might try Smooth Move tea and see if that helps you out.

Hang in there - you really are doing great! I know we all want to see the scale move faster, but it just won't always do what we want!

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