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Originally Posted by 65X65 View Post
[/indent]Example #5..

Other daughter was a door slammer when she was upset with us. We told her calmly if she slammed another door we would take her bedroom door off the frame and then there would be no door to slam.[indent][i]Yes..she slammed it again...once.
But never again after that.
There was little discussion of this. My husband just went and got a screwdriver....I think I probably could have done this alone if he had not been home tho'...

I loved to laugh along with your Example 5. Thank you for sharing your wit and character!
Glad you chuckled...I could write a book! And we do go back and laugh about this stuff now...

Lucky for me I met some really wise women along the way. It is my responsibility to pass this on when I think it might help. It was a friend from work many years after the initial advice ....(who actually had 2 daughters!!) who really drove that particular point home to me about finding a punishment to fit every crime when dealing with teens...The original advice had come from a wonderful woman who is in her 80s now...{and we still get a Christmas card from her}...and she raised 4 boys...and no daughters either!!

So bring it on ladies...we should not let our young ladies off so easily! They must learn it's OK to expect to be treated well ... among other life lessons we want to pass down; our example counts. There is enough we get wrong ...somethings we have to really work to make right. They matter.

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