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Shanny, I definitely can understand where you're coming from, so first off, for trying to get a different mindset while you're still young! (It's weird saying this, since I'm your age ) But yep, as I stated, I definitely know where you're coming from with this, because I myself am obsessed with food. When I'm enjoying a meal, I think about how much I can eat NOW in case I get hungry LATER. When I'm exercising, I look at calories burned in terms of what more I can eat in the day. When I watch tv and the characters eat, I seriously have a drool fest. It's not like I'm depriving myself either!

One thing I'd like to ask is do you know what triggers your eating? I see that it's an emotional thing (you stated comfort and loneliness), but are there any specific activities you do where you'd notice yourself binge eating more than not? If you can figure out the kinds of activities (whether it be sedentary or movement) that trigger your eating, maybe you can find a way to avoid it. For example, I noticed I eat more or get hungry if I watch shows in English vs. Korean dramas. While the food characters eat are appealing in both, because I have to focus on reading subtitles, I normally don't find it in me to multitask and stuff my face while reading subtitles - I'd miss too much information. I also notice that if there's a really good video game or book for me to dive into, I'm not so focused on eating either. I don't know if these tips really help any, but targeting activities that trigger eating did keep my binge eating down!

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