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Question 100 lost, 60 to go, stuck emotionally

Hello, all.
I have lost 100 pounds in the past year, and have 60 to go. I am at a plateau in my weight loss, and believe it is due to my great ambivalence about getter thinner. If you have lost weight, you probably have some experience of what it is like to suddenly come out from behind a curtain of invisibility and suddenly people you barely know feel entitled to comment about your appearance!
What have people who have successfully lost done to help themselves get through this? I believe issues from my past (abuse) have made me especially sensitive to this, but I am determined not to let my head get in the way of getting my body to a healthy weight!
I'm 50 and have not ever had any relationship experience, and it scares me to think that I would have to deal with men looking at me more. I've talked about this with my therapist - a wonderful man, who has never had a weight problem - and he understands, and is helpful. But on some level, he just doesn't get it. I feel like I need remedial dating/boyfriend school at 50!
I have decided that I need to just lose this weight differently - very slowly, to let myself adjust, but wondered if people have suggestions - thoughts - advice - comments.
I am scared too that I will regain the weight I have already lost, because I am at such a standstill. I suppose this is no different than any other woman in this society has to deal with - objectification by some, not all, men -- but I feel so unprepared to deal with ANY attention.
Thanks for listening.
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