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Default Are you low carb OR grain & sugar free and still NOT at goal?

I have given up sugar before and I always find it easier to stay binge free without it. So I detoxed from sugar yay! starting the day after Christmas. Then about a week ago I gave up all grains. I have some health issues I'm not going to get into now, but y endocrinologist was very supportive, and felt this was a good approach for my weight loss and to address other issues.

I eat about one serving of fruit a day (never more, sometimes 0 servings though). I still eat starchy veggies about 3x per week (this is how I was eating the past few weeks before going grain free). I'm only eating whole foods, nothing processed.

My weight was stalled until I went grain free, now its coming of quickly. My endocrinologist stated the same. He said to stay with this diet and I will definitely see the scale move.

So I wonder, is anyone grain free & sugar free whole foods or low carb (similar diet) and still not at goal? Do you know why? Is it still calories in the end?

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