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At the end of the day, I absolutely hate these things. I started watching on Netflix the guy trying to 'debunk' Supersize. It really angered me. This is just a horrible thing to be getting stories about.

There is some small bit of good info in there, amount of calories matters. But like much of processed food and junk food and especially fast food it is wrapped in so much unhealthiness.

How about all the studies that show your mortality increases...a lot if you eat fast food. And people have plotted Subway densities and obesity rates and they are nearly one to one. Of course that doesn't mean causality.

But I personally HATE these stories. Do a lot of disservice to the public IMO. No you cannot be or get healthy going to fast food. Not as a regular part of your diet. At least 99.9% of the population can't. And this guy can feel free to do this the rest of his life if he wants. I would not want to be him at 60 or even in my 50s.
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