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Good Morning...It's trash actually got picked up from the curb...the roads are 95% better...all but my neighborhood....have not had mail all week at the house...can't say that I miss it either, lol. I am meeting Sissy at the doc appt today to corral lil man, she is doing great so far. She was 30 weeks this past Tuesday. She is getting a little nervous as you may or may not remember, lil man was born at 32 weeks. So far, no signs of preeclampsia (sp). AMEN and a big THANK YOU JESUS for answering prayers.

I will have to give the house a thorough cleaning this weekend as I have been lazy lately. Between snow tracks and the HEAT (ice melter) we spread on the drive, walks and patio that has been carried in, my floors are just grossing me out. Lots of mopping and vacuuming on the agenda. I have kept up with the laundry and only have about a half load in the basket.

In answer to the moving people doing the moving. Yes they did it originally, but placed 4 associates (me included) in the wrong places. So either I wait days for them to return (cause they moved us over the weekend) or do it myself. You all know what happened with that. I was so teeeeeeed off about it that it didn't take me long to do it. I am very quick about things when I am angry. lol. Things are smoothing out, several associates have not been back to work yet to unpack so it is a little messy but not bad. None of the printers worked so it took me about 2 hours to get that figured out, yah me, they all work. I have all my pictures back up and look at my family when I get frustrated and that makes me happy.

CHELLE...I am so very sad and sorry about your friends cancer. I really do not know what to say as HAPPY did not either. All I can tell you is I pray daily for my brother and my cousin. Seems to be unfair however the more I pray the better I feel about things. Hugs to you my sister. I will add your friend to my list.

HAPPY...bummer about BOTH cars being on the fritz and possibly ready for the junkyard. I, like you and CEEG, absolutely love Toyotas. My son got the little Camry I gave him that he had the accident in repaired and it looks like a brand new vehicle. Other that it having about 180k miles on it. She is purdy tho. It is a 2005. Long live the Toyotas. I love my new Toyota Rav4.

SUSIE...wowser on the WL....way to go and as we used to say several years ago....go SUSIE it's your birthday! I used to love that saying. I am very, very proud of you! Keep up the great work. Fabulous!!

CEEG...without having to go back and read, what is MFP? Now I have thought of many things to go with those initials but am sure it is not what it means. lol.

LAURA....what day is your WW day at work, I can't remember? Shuwee on the squats, I don't think I could get through 3 much less two days worth. Stay warm up there sister.

SHADDIE...are you getting all settled in and back to work. Hope things are going smoothly for you. YEAH on the electric bill! Hope it is right this time.

Getting lil man Saturday nite for a sleep over at Nanna's house. My idea, seems like forever since I have had Nanna/Jacob time. Altho he was carrying a fever yesterday, so we might have to delay the slumber party.

Have a great I am thankful it only took me my usual 22 minutes to get to work and not 1:10 mins.

Love and hugs.


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