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Morning all,

Well Annie and Laura and those with cabin fever - YOU ARE NOT READY TO RETIRE YET

It's funny - we went out on Friday to run errands in advance of the cold snap and I only went out once since then - on Sunday for a while with my cousins and even then it was last minute and I wasn't planning on going out in the first place. Cabin fever has not hit - yet. But it will. I was supposed to work at the thrift shop today but I got a call - the lady who took my slot and doesn't bother to sign up on the calendar IS actually going to continue to work after going 2 weeks MIA. That's ok I said, I won't mind staying home as we are not due for a warm up until Friday. I guess they left the shop closed yesterday and today which is good - the building is a very, very old and drafty frame building - the poor ladies would be freezing in the back trying to price things and it's just a waste of heat because no one is going to be out and about in these frigid temps and wind chills.

Yesterday I got busy at home started to make honey lemon chicken which looked good but was decidedly bland we agreed even though it did have lots of spices in it. It's hard working with honey because things tend to stick and burn. I had a package of cut up whole chicken and used 2 big breasts for a pot of chicken soup and made the rest as the honey lemon stuff. Shad - will you give me your recipe? Besides cooking it was trash and recycle day so I gathered up the stuff, cleaned out both refrigerators (not much at all to toss out but they got a good once over), cleaned the kitchen and washed dishes twice, cleaned the cat boxes, swept and washed that floor, did a couple of loads of laundry and started taking Christmas things back down to the basement to be sorted and stowed away. It really was quite a busy day and it flew by. I talked to my Mom and Sister yesterday which took up most of the evening. Before I knew it, bedtime.

All I did was poke my head out the door to set the trash and recycling on the deck for DH to take out and jiminy was it COLD. I think our wind chills were close to 50 below zero when I got up and didn't warm up much during the day. Even the deer are hiding and hunkered down somewhere out in the forest under the pines. The fox was out last night - at first we were afraid that he made a meal of our bunny but this morning DH went out and said no (thank goodness). My knee is bothering me a lot lately so I have been diligent about doing my PT exercises. I'm thinking I will sort some papers later and maybe put an ice pack on it. Other than that not much else going on.

Susie would you mind sending me that 5k marathon schedule via email? I would love to do a 5k walk - like you I am not a runner or jogger but I agree with you - to do it and finish would be a nice accomplishment. But wait - if it's a marathon would that mean I have to swim in one of our cold lakes???? I might have to rethink that Many years ago DH and I bought some really good bikes - geez might even have been when we were in Illinois and we used them one year and never again. It seems like such a waste although by now they'd need new tires. Another goal of mine is to build back stamina in the legs to start bike riding again. There's a ton of bike trails here but they are the fat tire / mountain bike ? kinds of rougher trails but I'm sure we could find something that was an easier ride. Lots of gentle rolling rises too so one would have to be in better shape. Right now I'd ride down the driveway, down the road to the top of the hill and be pooped out.

Laura - sure is good you are able to keep your car in the garage - with the winds whipping around, I'm sure the car would not be happy outside, plus too in the garage you don't have to worry about scraping ice or snow off the windshield. BTW - my sister uses a can of HEET auto de-icer to spray the windows and it melts the ice fast when you're in a hurry. I'll bet thinking about your cruise in balmy weather is sounding very dreamy right now. Where do you get these 30 day challenges that you do? Sounds like they focus on different body parts just to mix things up. Good for you for drinking water - I am trying to be better because things are very dry here too. Poor kitties get zapped when we try and pet them. As for the hand lotion, darn if I don't slather it on and then 5 minutes later I have to wash my hands for some reason Hope you are able to power through and get that yucky project done.

Annie - hang in there this is the weather for making body parts stiff and achy. A little Ben Gay or Icy Hot (since you're home) or just some Aspercreme or an ice pack on that sore back. I know you are go, go, go and I can see you getting stir crazy. Maybe you should just do some cooking and surprise the kids or put the stuff in the freezer. I can vouch for the fact that chopping lots and lots of veggies takes an awful lot of time and will make the time pass quickly. Or I can send you my pasta maker and you can experiment and when you figure out the trick of it, let me know, ok? Are you and C both off and restless?

Susie - how nice was that you had a personal chef? I totally agree with you. No different than getting meals from Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem or Seattle Sutton and I'd much rather have someone cook fresh than packaged or heavy soy based. And since she was going to culinary school it gave her a chance to practice so a win, win for everyone. Cooking takes a lot of time and even if you make things ahead (which only seems to work well for winter meals I think), you wind up spending half the precious weekend just planning, shopping, prepping and cooking. As for the Spanish, I only had 2 years of it in high school long, long ago and also forgot everything but about 10 words. I don't think I'll be conversant after only 6 weeks but it's something to pass the time and keep the brain growing brain cells If you don't do a marathon, can you try to hit a couple of 5k walks this year? Especially if you have done them before and the magic is that you said you missed them

Hello other Worldlies - sounds funny I will check back later.
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