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Originally Posted by lindalou1970 View Post
I tried to find the answer to this question in other threads, but couldn't. I am very interested in the recipies using the packets. My question is: how do you count the additional food items like the eggs in recipies or using the crispy cereal to coat chicken? Isnt that adding extra protein or an extra packet?
Lindalou, I'm stalking you! No, actually, you just happened to ask two good questions and I already responded to your question in the daily chat.

On the mixing packets and protein - it all counts. If you use the cereal to coat the chicken it counts as a packet. I personally rarely combine my protein with a packet because I get hungry! At most I will take a tablespoon of the potato puree and use that as a coating for pork chops or chicken.

If you add a whole egg to something you should probably subtract 2 oz of protein from your dinner protein (I think that's the right conversion, more experienced people will correct me if I'm wrong). Many people consider a couple of egg whites a day as "free." Different coaches tell people different things.

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