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Hi Augusters!

Glad to see everyone is hanging in there and trucking along!

I just hit the 4 month mark since started IP - just a couple of pounds short of the 40 lb mark! Maybe by next week's weigh-in...

When I started, I was hoping to be done with phase 1 in about 6 months, but at the rate of loss I've been having it will probably by more like 8 months or so. Surprisingly, I think I'm ok with that - with not meeting the timeline I originally planned on. It's been hard trusting the process and realizing that I can't control how fast I lose weight or when I reach my goal. I confess sometimes I get discouraged when I see others losing faster, even when they admit on the boards that they've cheated or don't follow the plan 100%. In my head I'm screaming, "Not fair! I've been 100% OP!" Then I get over myself and take a moment to be grateful for the progress of the last few months and the fact that the scale keeps going down a little more each week! I've been able to handle the last 4 months, so what's another 4 to get to my goal? I can do it!

Okay, I'll get off my soapbox now.

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