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Shad – Glad you’re settling in to your new digs and can do something else with your precious spare time other than apartment hunting. So…when is the niece’s due date?? Has anyone been knocked out of the baby pool yet? Re the trains – it’s been major mismanagement for many years now. Tthe powers that be have been too busy perfecting corruption. The capital funds have been used for daily operating needs, so of course maintenance has been neglected. And no fare increases for many years until a year or two ago when they hit us with a huge one. Duh. I’ll stop now before I go into a full-on rant. Nice you’ll see little S at Christmas and get to see in person how she’s grown. Is boofhead a common derogatory name in NZ and/or Oz?

Happy – What happened to the Christmas decorations from past years? Did you get rid of a lot before your move?? Or are you just in the mood for something new and different. I think you should buy a few of those cute little potted pine/fir trees and enjoy them over the holidays and then plant them come spring. In future years you’ll have trees to chop down for Christmas. Mel got me started with Downton Abbey and now it seems all of us Worldlies are fans. I have to set up a reminder so I set the DVR for the premier – and whatever recap shows they’ll be running before that. Just saw your latest post – LOL, good Mel moment! Yes, I will forever think of Mel when I have the Hallmark channel tuned in. Yummm, chicken wild rice soup!!

Ceejay – The 40’s sound heavenly at this point. Enjoy.

Michelle – Still praying and sending positive vibes for your dream job to come true.

Annie – Looking forward to borrowing your jewelry at the commune. How’s your knee feeling today??

Hi Susie!!

Forgot to mention my WW weigh-in. Up 1.6. Aaaargh. I wasn’t expecting that. In fact, it seems that the results on the ww scale are less predictable than they used to be when I would compare them to the same day reading on my scale at home, and that’s sort of frustrating. But focusing on did I actually do what I needed to do to have shown a loss, or just maintained, I have to admit I haven’t been OP and exercise has been almost non-existent the past couple weeks, so this is the result.

Unfortunately, this weekend will be very challenging for weight maintenance. I’m taking a vacation day on Friday and bf and I are driving up to a resort near the Dells in WI for this vow renewal ceremony on Saturday. On Friday night, a group of us will get together for dinner – the hub half of the happy couple just had his 50th bday and we’re going to celebrate that. So a lot of meals out and not much exercise. The resort where the ceremony/reception will be held and where we’re staying for two nights has a little water park in it, so we’ll definitely be using that, but I don’t see myself using it beyond some Jacuzzi time. Swimming doesn’t appeal to me at the moment – unless I’m in the tropics on a nice sandy beach!! I’ve decided I will just try to practice portion control, but not really restrict the types of food I eat.

That's it for me. Take care everyone!!

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