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Good Tuesday afternoon coaches.

So much for checking in everyday and in the morning! Yesterday my weight was up again and this morning it was down a lot - that could be why I didn't check in yesterday and why I did today. I was a little miffed. But today I can change my tracker down which is lovely (I'm pretending I am in US and it is Monday ). I was at a workfest all day and I knew it would be challenging so I had decided that I would ignore all the carbs and most fruit. Morning tea was scones and jam and cream - I didn't go there so credit. There was also fruit but I decided I would wait till lunch. Fruit is a bit high in carbohydrates / sugars for this stage of my diet. Lunch was manageable - left the potato on the plate and had no sweetened drinks. Afternoon tea was the most wonderful looking chocolate brownies - I had one strawberry and feel very good about it. I survived hungry and craving and didn't die or anything. Credit. So thank you coaches for wisdom and opportunity.

Exercise today was getting to the workfest. I got off my bus (I usually drive and don't need public transport) and was going to catch a second bus to the venue. I decided walking would be good. Half way there I wondered why I had made such a questionable decision (it was 32 degrees C today) - but I made it! I made sure I got the bus back in the much hotter evening though but I am pleased with my post operative body's performance.

Maryann - I am sad for you regarding the job you wanted. But you have bounced back with resilience so credit. Not sure academia is a happy place to be but it has its advantages; BillBE - you continue to streak so credit with your snacking successes; Pam (pamatga) as usual you are full of good sense and experience; Gardenerjoy - like the idea of that response card - I am indeed happier when I am on plan; Credit LoseToAll for an on plan day - it is so annoying when the scales don't reflect our behaviour; CeeJay - I don't know why but I feel a kinship with you and your journey so it is nice when you are checking in - good or bad to report! So it was nice to see you today. Waving to all my other coaches who I may have missed out.

Checked in today and blew it yesterday - Credit!
-2 lb (today) / -3.4 lb from tracker - YAY
Great - totally on plan today (and yesterday) with lots of enticements

Short Term Goal

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