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I am so proud of all the August dieters! Keep up the great work!!!

I know I got a 2 day head start before August 1st, but I still am having a hard time believing that I have come this far in a bit over 4 months. I suppose I am benefiting from my height (75"), my high start weight (326), and not cheating once in the past 4+ months.

One of the really interesting things (that I can't quite figure out) is why my measurement losses slowed down (flattened out) starting in mid October. I wonder if it possible there is "easy fat" to lose when you are really heavy -- and as your weight drops, the remaining surface fat is harder to lose?

The other thing that I didn't do is I never took arm and thigh measurements -- so I don't know if perhaps I started losing more fat off those (un-measured) areas starting in mid October. In any case, the day I started IP my waistline was 54" and today it's closing in on 42" -- that is a miracle!

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