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Hello coaches,

I am back on the score board today. Giving myself lots of credit for doing my exercise even though it was 9pm before I was able to! I so couldn't face posting a zero streak AGAIN tonight.

Team total today is 42! I wonder if we'll crack 50 this week?

Maryann - I loved your driving a tractor milestone. Worth putting down as a "thing to do before 50" I reckon :-)

Pam - what you said about the "being on track" being important so resonated. While the number on the scale matters the reward of it is so transitory. The bit in this process where I get real contentment is when I know I am "in the zone".

MikeB - I try to read my cards every morning (it is one if the 'exercise and Wellbeing' tasks required to be OP for the day. Like Seadwaters - I don't physically pull out the cards when faced with tricky situations - but daily reminders of my responses means they pop into my brain more easily. Sometimes they do pop in as the words on the cards but more often it is something pretty generic (but crucial) like "this matters" or "you're worth it".

I have a work function tomorrow evening that requires "frocking up" - which is a rare occurrence in my life. Was nice this evening to pull out the few fancy clothes I have and discover I had options, rather than just one that fitted. My girls had fun helping me decide which one to wear (though I declined their recommendation to wear the red shoes (which they were right, look great, but are crippling)).
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