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Good morning girls. It is freezing cold here this morning but at least no precipitation or driving will be a disaster to go to the commissary this morning. People here can't drive on dry, sunny roads let alone hazardous ones.

I was at the hair salon all morning then got home and had a bunch of chores so never did get in here. My hair looks cute again, my blood sugar this morning was in the normal range, I am not in pain at the moment so all is right with the world!

I told you back when I had my mammogram the lady didn't know what she was doing and sure enough. I got a referral from my doctor yesterday in the mail. I have to go back and have it done over. I just hope the woman I usually have does it so I don't have to go back a third time.

I hope I start losing weight again soon. I am trying to be patient knowing I probably have to adjust to my meds and such, but staying on plan and not seeing results is frustrating. I will just hang in there and I am sure it will right itself soon.

Maggie: I have an online account with Splenda, but haven't perused it in a long time so will have to go in and look and see. Like I said, I try and avoid having a lot of sweets for myself in the house, even SF ones so I don't eat them insted of what I am supposed to eat. Thanks for the info on the cookbook as I do not have that one. Do your dogs wear sweaters in the winter time?

Hi to Jean and Susan!!

You all have a nice Sunday. I am going to sit and knit until 7 then will fix my breakfast. Faye
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