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"I went to a doctor about a severe gout attack after finally getting insurance. I hadn't been to a doctor for close to 10 years before that. True to form he said "You are overweight and you probably have diabetes because we see a lot of that in women who haven't seen the doctor in years." In retrospect I wanted to ask him why he thought the reason was I hadn't been to a doctor in years. Could it be that, I didn't go to medical school and could diagnose myself as obese? Could it be that I'd been shamed before but not helped? Could it be that I didn't have insurance? Could it be that every experience with the medical professional I've had has left me feeling like I could have saved the copay?"

Amen to that! I have diagnosed the last few health problems I have had myself...just Google the symptoms. I go to the doctor for medication, and they are so busy typing on their laptops their records and observations that they are not looking at you and treating you like a human. You are a list of symptoms to record. Then they tell you to lose weight in a flippant manner-not acknowledging the suffering you have already done in repeated attempts to lose weight. Our health care system is broken on so many levels.

Why should I trust it to care about anything other than the bottom line, and avoiding malpractice suits? It is an industry, and doctors are industrial workers.

Overweight and obese people have got to be empowered to find help in new ways, and given support for their efforts. I have very little faith in an industry that works hand-in-hand with the insurance industry, both for profit industries that have created spiraling cost for care, while not preventing illness and disease comprehensively. It is akin to the industrialized prison system in this country-create tougher and longer sentences to have a ready made prison population. Obama Care is the tip of the iceberg so far as a needed overhaul of the medical/insurance company industrial complex goes. However, the health insurance lobby is one of the heaviest funded lobbies in the nation.
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