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Hello ladies!


How's it going today???

@Bizlawchik: LOL. I actually had to convert the 80F you are experiencing and convert it to Celsius! I can't do the conversion in my head... although I used to be able to!
Wow. That's a warm summer day. I'd be sitting in my house with the air conditioner on! Hopefully the humidity wouldn't be so bad that I could manage to get out and do a little bit of gardening. I'd probably have to wait until the evening when things cool down though.

We are in a bit of a cold spell right now with lots of rain. The rain just isn't stopping! Thankfully, it seems to come in the late evening or overnight. However, today is just rain rain rain. In fact it's surprisingly warm for Halloween... but apparently we are in for an extremely windy and wet Halloween!
We had a warmish day yesterday and that is why I wanted to take advantage of the dry weather! I got all my patio furniture put away, all the pots put away, and the bbq put away! I still have a little bit of cleaning to do in the garage but that can be done anytime as I'll obviously be indoors! There is a sense of zen over me. I feel accomplished and great knowing that my yard has been put to sleep and is ready for winter!

Would you like to know the 'warm' temperature we had yesterday? We had a 14C day! That would be 52F in your neck of the woods! LOL
It was a beautiful fall day for sure!
Today it's going to be 16C... warm for Halloween!
Next week we're pretty well into the 5C range. Typical.

I see that you have a 8lb goal for Thanksgiving. That's great! You can and will do it. It just takes determination and willpower. Obviously you have both!

@Katie: I sincerely wish and will pray that your heartache mends quickly. Of course the pain will still be around but may is start to be replaced with happy memories! I hope this happens quickly for you.
I have to echo @Mama Nicole's comment. You have to be healthy for your children. It's the circle of life and now your focus should be on yourself and your children.

@Mama Nicole: Wow. I'm in awe of you! I think it's fantastic that you are going back to school. I wish you all the best and all the success that comes from 'bettering' ourselves!!
Good for you.

Also, congratulations on staying OP!

Update: I got my stuff done outdoors and, unfortunately, my house looks like a tornado went through it! lol. I guess I'll be trying to clean it up the best I can before the little monsters start knocking at my door.

It's TOM and my weight is going crazy. I'll have to ride it out and see how the dust settles. Hopefully I won't do too much damage. I'm uncharacteristically craving stuff... salty stuff... and so i gave into it last night and almost polished off a bag of potato chips! Oops...
I guess that my body just needed that.

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