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Update on progress. Filled another 5 gallon trash can and 1 box ready for goodwill. I wrote out a list for each room to finish but I do have 10 boxes to go thru. They were stacked in the utility room where it flooded last week. I decided unless the items are pictures, sentimental or unused product it's going out the door. Truth is i don't get into these boxes and haven't for a few years. Storing stuff just to store it. I would rather have clean space. I mopped the basement area and bathrooms, vacuumed entire area, now time to take a breather. Feeling like this could be done by November if I keep up my weekly pace.

50 percent finished with an art project. Need some strong glue and it will be done by this weekend.

Off to drive my daughter to an out of town college visit.

Look forward to hearing how everyone else is doing. Albert Einstein said a problem can't be solved with the same mind that created it. Starting to realize I have to name what keeps me from getting rid of stuff and being attentive to the daily action that goes with it. So Beck like.

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