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OMW to a brand new me!
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I am so with you.

I go through this feeling all too often. 64 lbs down, but still 130 to's hard to look at what I have lost when I still only see what I have still to lose.

Have you tried any kind of exercise? I know you say it hurts, and everything hurt with me too when I first started. But I went easy and built up. Now things hurt less! Sure I still have aches and pains, but some of those will never go away.

As far as clothes, you may be down more sizes than you think. I noticed that I was still looking at and putting on baggy hide everything clothes, so it didn't seem like I went down many sizes. A friend if mine made me look in a mirror bad I realized how big everything was. Right that minute I bought some new things and they were 4 sizes smaller! For the record I still wear most of my bigger clothes because I am cheap and I don't want to buy a new wardrobe , correction, I don't want to PAY for a new wardrobe every few months..

You are doing great. 80 lbs is significant! Don't give up, try adding a bit of exercise and you will start feeling better!


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