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Good morning to you gals. I posted a picture of my hair on FB, but you can't really see the blond in it. I put it side by side from last year and you can see the weight loss a bit.

This will be a busy week and because I am going to be gone just wanted to tell Jean, Susan, and Maggie.......! I hope all three of you have a wonderful birthday on your day!

I finished my girlfriend's hat you can find it on FB since they still don't have their problem fixed here. I have started her a scarf to wear with it and am going to put another cowl on the needles this morning for the cruise next year. I am using up leftover yarn that is all kinds of bright colors. I made Jackson a pair of socks with it a few years ago.

I imagine Jack is at work by now. It is going to be a rough couple days for him. I hope he doesn't kill himself peeling out of the parking lot of the plant when he gets off tomorrow!

I cleaned out the inside of the dirty car yesterday and yuck! I always kept it pristine but it was dirty as Jack is a slob! It is all nice and clean except for the carpets and we are going to do them on Wednesday when we get the car washed and vacuumed out. Our steam cleaner has a portable unit to it, which makes it easy to steam the carpets and mats.

I better get hopping. I have a lot to do the next 3 days. Faye
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