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Hi Turtles,
Princess, we all have those times when life gets in the way. As a matter of fact, with me it seems to happen all the time. I say to you for
keeping your weight steady and getting in. Weigh to go! Good luck with your job. Downsizing is a horrible fact of life in today's job market.
Good luck with all you're doing! So good to hear from you.

Today my family and I are celebrating my even though it was earlier in the week. I am tired of restaurant food making it difficult to lose weight, so dh and I grocery shopped yesterday and bought food for tonight. I'm making a WW version of French onion soup. I'll skip the bread and cheese on mine since I like the soup the way it is. Then making a pot roast, carrots and potatoes since everyone likes that. I'll watch my portion. Also having cake, but it's once a year, right? And I'll keep the portion small and give away the extra.

Turtles, have a great day!
It's rainy here. We've had the opposite of 3' of snow. We've been unseasonably warm and have broken records for heat. So weird!

Hey, Life and Cherry and Terri and Bandit and Princess.......I think about you all the time and wish you well. Take care of yourself and remember Onward and Downward. We can do this!

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