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I also started binging as a child -- stealing food from the refrigerator and hiding it in my closet, sneak eating in the middle of the night, taking things out of the trash even. I once ate an entire stick of butter that my mom had put on the dining room table in preparation for company arriving. As soon as she went back into the kitchen I ate the whole thing, and then said I didn't know what happened to it (children are such terrible liars). I still don't know why I was binging so young, I have just always done this. Binging really kicked into high gear when I got my first vehicle (a moped) and could buy things without supervision and then my first job when I was in junior high (at a fast food place) and had my own money. I pretty much spent it all on food.

I'm glad to hear therapy is working for you, that's wonderful. I'm still working on learning how to manage it. I just went 5 months before binging, and I think I'd be thrilled to only binge a few times in a year. Never binging at all would be AMAZING!

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