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Here is where I bought them -- but they charge 3.95 for entrees. But they would send me coupons. I would also recommend the benefit bars which are pretty decent in terms of nutrients for the calories.

There are a few listings on the HMR website.

I also feel frustrated that basically the only place I can talk about HMR is the HMR website. That site won't let you PM people or speak very openly. They have a facebook page but it is kind of the same deal.

I wish HMR was more well known. Everyone at my workplace is super impressed with my weight loss but, when I try to get them to sign up I see they are hesitant because they have never heard of it. And your right, they have been taught that it is "bad" to have meal replacements.

I literally tried everything and I couldn't lose. I believe it just was that I could not get accurate calorie counts on my food. Perhaps I am just bad at that. But also it was so impossible to really know what I was eating. But once I got a fixed calorie amount for sure... it flew right off. I remember back in 1996 I tried Jennie Craig and at the time you had to buy 1/2 the food on your own. And I didn't lose any weight. I believe it is because the food I had to get on my own -- even though healthy -- was just too much.

I had always thought that I had some sort of metabolism issue but I lost about 6 lbs for sure each month at HMR. Long story short, it shows that my BMR is exactly what the calculators say. Now I know if I wasn't losing it was because I was eating too many calories. If I was doing it on my own I wouldn't be able to be sure of exactly how many calories I was consuming.
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