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Morning all, had 2 very hungry kitties that decided to start pestering me at 4:40 this morning. I was able to sneak some dry food to the older one (Meadow) who was not that impressed so she decided to go pout under the bed. Now that DH is up Nina decided to attach to his ankle in the hopes that he will follow normal routine and feed her. Poor baby.

It's cold and foggy this morning - did get to 31 degrees and at the last minute last night I decided to cover the garden after all. I'll leave the tarp on tonight and after that it will warm up just a bit - at least not to freezing at night. I decided whatever I more I get out of the garden in the next week, that's it.

Right now I'm tired - didn't get much sleep so dear coffee, do your thing. Catch up with you later...
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