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Someone recently asked if they are not hungry, if they can just skip the 3rd IP packet for the day. I attended a session yesterday with the MD head of the program speaking and he addressed this. He said, in every case, you should ALWAYS get that third packet in. The reason? The body will first use available carbs for energy, then go on to use protein and fat stores. Since there are limited carbs available on IP, the protein and fat stores are used instead. If there is not enough protein intake, the body will break down lean muscle along with fat for it's energy needs. If you supply the body with adequate protein (the 3 IP packets and 6-8 oz of protein serving), it will not break down lean muscle, and instead use more fat. So, taking in the prescribed amount of protein will protect your muscle mass from being broken down and promote fat burning for energy! So, be sure to get all of your IP packets and protein allowance in, you'll be doing yourself a favor!
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