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Life, I'm sorry about your weight and blood pressure. Sending :
to you that the meds help you . You are continuing on this journey and you're successful. We all love you.

Bandit, glad you're staying focused. I admire your sociability. :
for the WI. Enjoy your trip!

Princess, sending a hi! I love the photos of your pups..........who are probably huge by now.

Terri, sending good wishes!
Cherry, same to you and your family.

this has been a very trying week here. too much happened to go into, but as long as it isn't health I'm happy. The good news is that food could have been chaotic but on Monday I bought chicken and "stir fry" veggies already cut up. I made a big batch and when everyone around me was eating Carvel sundaes, etc. I had my stupid stir fry. However, that helped me lose a pound rather than gaining 4# so I really shouldn't call it stupid.

You all have a great day and I'll chime in soon again!
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