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Originally Posted by Hollygb66 View Post
That's awesome! Good job!

I'm new to this website. So, it may take me a while to get use to responding right. That was to sarita75 for her pics! I haven't read the rest of the thread. Trying to catch up.

I finished my 3rd day today. I played tennis this morning. Thought I was feeling really good, until the 3rd GAME (I had another 2 hours and 45 mins to play!!!)! Good thing I had brought a bag of SW puffs to munch on just in case. I counted them towards my IP products of the day.

My first weigh in is tomorrow even though I will only have done it 3.33 days. I didn't want to skip a week. I won't be too disappointed if it's not a big change. I'll start counting my weeks next Thurs.

Anyway, good job to everyone on the way to a healthier lifestyle!
You may have already told us this but, are you having additional packets due to your high exertion level? IP is a NO exercise eating program. There simply are NOT enough calories to support exercise. Those who are committed to adding the exercise MUST consume an extra packet within 30 minutes post workout. At your level of exertion you might even need two extra packs!

You may be doing this but with so mane new IPers on board recently I think we need to be sure everyone is clear!!

In addition, keep in mind that exercise is highly likely to SLOW the rate of loss. If you understand and are willing to take longer getting to goal, that's fine. But recognizing the limited calories available to your body and ensuring that you are supplementing with additional packets is essential!!

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