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Hi All,

Terri- Thanks for starting the new thread! Guess I'm just stuck in the 80's!! I gave up on the big hair back then though, my hair never was that good at staying "up"!! I've listened to a lot of different kinds of music over the years, but always go back to my R&R roots! (Even if they are a "girl band"!

Well, I kind of weighed in this AM... I stepped on the scale while I was waiting for Jim to get out of the shower, so I hadn't pee'd yet. It showed how bad I was! I had a gain of 4.5 lbs., but I know at least a pound of that was my full bladder! (Wishfully more!) I'll weigh in tomorrow AM just to check again. I tell you, I cannot go near those darn donuts!! I can go into DD a few times a week for coffee, and not even think twice about their donuts, but show me a box of freaking Entennman's rich frosted donuts, and I'm useless! And so now I see the damage they did...

We had a fairly nice weekend though...finally, we didn't have to go anywhere, or do anything. I got my hair cut and colored Saturday, went to Mom's and helped her catch her bird that got loose! Then went to my sister-in-laws to show her the wedding pics. Sunday my mom came over and had dinner with us and brought some things that I forgot to grab while over there Satuday. Other than that, we really didn't do much and it was great. Oh, we went to Frank's Nursery & Crafts and got some flowers to put in the boxes we had bought for the railing of our balcony. We got purple, yellow, pink and white Petunias. They're pretty...don't know a darn thing about flowers or gardening though, had to ask the guy what they were! He said they're the perfect thing to put in those boxes. So now it kinda feels like a home more, we have something living besides the cat there!! We decided if we don't kill them, we'll try for kids!! LOL!! Heck, the cat's still alive after 7 1/2 yrs.!! Hehehe...

Anyway, it's another boring day least for now, boss will be here after lunch...hmff, nice, huh? Have a great day!!
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