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Good Morning! It's Friday!
I'm both excited and nervous that it's the weekend. It does seem to be a bit more difficult to stick with routine when the routine gets thrown in the air the way it does on the weekend.
It's a busy time. This morning is my DD1's talent show. Then we are supposed to meet up with friends in the afternoon. And then go out this evening with another set of friends.
Tomorrow DD1 has a birthday party to go to and then Sunday is the big day where she receives her First Communion and we have a party afterward.
I'm down to 164.5 this morning which is another .5 loss. So, so pleased.
I'd really like to squeeze Zumba in today..the exercise helps keep me on track.
@Shy- I feel for you with your vacuum issues. I've never dealt with central vac in my own home, but I can attest that it has been a long road finding vacs that I like. I'm pretty fortunate now though that my home & cabin are all hard surfaces. I have a Miele vac that I really like that is for hard surfaces only...
Hopefully all went well with MIL's arrival I love Butter Chicken! Did you end up making a side dish to go with it?
When I went to the craft fair a few weeks ago there was a lady hawking soup mixes. I bought 3 different kinds and made one called Autumn Harvest last night. It was soooo good!! Had to keep myself from going back for more, I knew I was full enough it was the taste that was drawing me back
Well... wishing us all luck with our endeavours today...TTYT...
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