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Woot! Good morning all! I need to get out of bed, just very tired this morning, so much for holidays.

I had a sort of stressed out but oddly fun holiday dealing with issues in seeing old friends, one of which was my favorite DQ sundae lol. It is gluten free (although there can never be a guarantee in eating at a fast food place) & I had it twice in two days, handled the calories well, left some in the bowl & was not tempted to binge from the sugar later, nor will I want it again for a long time. This was a departure from how I used to be so is an NSV.

Calories for day 1699, 12,000+ steps.

Have a career related lunch in another town today & there will be nothing gluten free so probably won't eat anything as I am committed to GF but it can be difficult to implement. I saw a specialist recently about taking a blood test for celiac but am unwilling to start eating gluten again before hand. I am happy to just be called gluten sensitive lol. I do know I got very ill a few weeks ago when I ate two wheat based donuts so I believe that gluten sensitivity is a good way to explain it.

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