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Woot, dear Queenly personages!

Hope all are well!

I've been planning my July Jubilee Maintenance Challenge and crowned myself Queen of the July Jubilee. The challenge is to, er, maintain my range (120-129) from May 26 (tomorrow) to June 30 (July 4th week). It is, well, kind of boring. It is in honor of all the fun 4th of Julys I have had, and my love of family, friends and country and my dedication to wearing little capris pants that fit and how I slaved for two decades to be in this nice maintenance range (I've actually been lower but I think this is the range I will stick at FOREVER 'cause I'm TIRED of buying new clothes).

So, I'll post my weight tomorrow but as far as I'm concerned it's the 4th of July.

Thanks for listening.
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