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Originally Posted by Nimblegranny View Post
Welcome punmama! Nice to have another newbie here to share the journey with. I had the headaches for a few days but now none. Feeling better and better as my blood sugar goes down.

Well, zoesmama, that's quite a story! Thanks for sharing. Medical reasons are certainly more a part of it at my age than vanity, but I am glad to have hope to fit into those bins of smaller clothes I've been keeping around for years now. I'm all set for cute wardrobe already, so bring it on WS!

Last night I had LF colbyjack grilled on a diet wheat bun in the toaster oven and broccoli. I must say, I'm getting picky about my broccoli already. I don't like cuts, I like spears. I don't like frozen, I like fresh.
No sweat Nimble

Oh...and you should try "apple" zuchinni or zuchinni chips if you are getting burnt out on brocolli. Super easy to make and SUPER tastey...and I hate zuchinni! Also, if you you want a low starch/carb alternative to potatoes, rutabaga makes an awesome substitute and makes a mean "french fry" or a tastey mashed dish. Kale makes a tastey and crunchy chip. Cauliflower makes a pretty decent mashed potato or rice. And...huh...that's all I can think of on the spur of the moment But like you, I used to prefer frozen. Now, not so much. My once every two weeks shopping trips have now turned into once every two days. But, at least my stuff is tastey!

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