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Originally Posted by freelancemomma View Post
Overall I agree with what you're saying. One of the reasons sporadic smoking seems to work for me is that I never got a "head rush" from it, probably because I never inhaled much. The pleasure for me was more mental than physical. I enjoyed the harsh taste, having something to do with my hands and mouth, and the soothing aspect. Once I made the decision to put very firm boundaries around the experience, following through wasn't all that hard.

The only times I crave a cigarette are when I'm REALLY upset about something. And I'm pretty certain that if I had to face some kind of unspeakable tragedy I would start up again.

I totally agree with what you are saying also. The fact that you put very clear bounderies and don't cave ever is why you can be successful doing that. I know now I could also have occasional binges if I wanted to and have just as you say ffirm boundaries. I guess it's always a possibility. But for me the pleasure I get from bingeing I don't think is worth flaring up the urges soon after. I would just as soon overeat and not get into the binge mindset (although obviously not quite as stimulating as actually bingeing). But for smoking I could see it as a better tradeoff. Maybe I would consider that. You've go me thinking now. hmmmm

P.S. I do enjoy a hookah pipe when I'm in Turkey and never even consider doing it once I return home. I suppose it does flare up a smoking urge ever so slightly when I return home.

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