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Originally Posted by Xena2013 View Post
Hi guys - thanks for all the advice.

I am still doing good (except for last night) but the not weighing drives me insane. I catch myself skipping all snavks and dinner because I am scared of gaining weight and not knowing it. Last night I was so hungry that I got very dizzy but the thought of gaining more weight scares me. So at 10 PM last night I found myself in the kitchen inhaling brownies and chips...

I am wondering if I should just try to weigh daily and get an idea of fluctuations. I don't expect a big weight loss in one day. I just know the weekly or monthly never worked. I would expect a huge loss since I was "good" for "so long" and binged if it didn't happen.

I am not sure what to do but ditching the scale doesn't seem to work and makes me undereat.
hmmm, well it's hard for me to really give advice on this since all this is so new to me too. If you really think not weighing is more detrimental to you then maybe it's not a good idea. I can see how someone may perceive weight gain and panic without being reassured by the scale they are not. But honestly after weighing myself everyday for a year, it is such a crappy tool to measure your actual weight. The number can just fluctuate so much from day to day leading to all kinds of detrimental thinking. Maybe you have a very fitted item of clothing (like a snug pair of jeans) that you can try on every morning. This could be reassurance you are not ballooning without having to obsess over an exact number. I guess if you've never weighed daily it would probably be enlightening to see how it can change so crazily from one day to the next, the only problem is though I don't see how it could get your mind off dieting if you are so focussed on numbers instead of your well being. Maybe magical can chime in on your dilema since she is experienced in the non dieting way of life.
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