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Originally Posted by Xena2013 View Post
Hi there,

I just read this book and think that after trying SBD, WW and other stuff, I might give Intuitive Eating another chance.

I have stopped dieting for the last 4 days and was amazed how I am haunted by junk food. I have a pint of B&J at home and had one scoop this week instead of 4 pints (my usual "binge"). Havenīt binged since then either.

All these intuitive eating books havenīt worked for me in the past, but this one is different in a way. I am excited about what is to come.

Another question: What are your takes on counting calories and weighing yourself? Over the last few days I have loosely and just to make sure I donīt fool myself into overeating checked the calories I ate before going to bed (so no tracking all day long, just double checking where I am "intuitively"). I was amazed that I stayed between 1200 and 2000 depending on what my food options were and how hungry I was.

I am currently not weighing myself since I always eat "strategically" to see a loss in the morning, i.e. skipping dinner, eating a lot because "I blew it anyway" etc. I am just scared to gain weight without knowing, but I feel so calm right now without having to check my weight. Still - I want to lose weight.
That's great you are giving it a try. Anything is worth trying for someone who is struggling. Did I read that right that you are haunted with junk food after quitting dieting for 4 days? And what book are you reading. I am not really reading too much only because I am the type that will take it like a diet and will cling to any rules and regulations and become obsessed with exactness. If you are not OCD like that it may be much different for you. Also I'm not sure what your intentions are: are trying to lose weight, or are you trying to stop bingeing or both? Also, have you ever been a normal eater in the past and only started bingeing after dieting or losing weight? It seems as though the outcome of intuitive eating is different for different people and the outcome is not always weight loss but can also be weight gain or weight maintenence. I think the main goal of intuitive eating is to lose the food obsession and behavours like bingeing, and to possibly return a person to their "set weight" if such a weight actually exists, and is said to often be more than what someone wants to actually weigh.

I notice that many eating disorder websites and articles (not directed at weight loss) advocate the principles of intuitive eating in the recovery of bulimia and the cyclical binge/restrict cycle. I'm not sure if this is the case with either anorexia or bingeing that is not cyclical. I think approaches like overeaters anonymous advocate sticking to a structured plan and abstinence of triggers and is directed towards compulsive overeaters and bingers that do not restrict (I am totally unsure about this as I tend to look at treatment recommendations for bulimia as that is the most similar to what I am at this time minus the purging part).

Also about the calorie counting/weighing thing. From what I gather, intuitive eating is supposed to be a way to free yourself from calorie counting and the obsession over number. same with weighing. It is obviously something someone has to decide on for themselves. I doubt I would make it as far as I have (+3 weeks) had I been counting calories and weighing myself. I think that would have caused me to lose focus on quitting bingeing rather than being perfect. I also don't see how observing those things wouldn't somehow influence your eating on a subconcious level. I really don't know what to say about this. It just seems strange to "quit dieting" but still count calories. Maybe someone else could chime in on this. I am sure there is no "right" answer.

Okay, I just re-read your last paragraph where you said you would like to lose weight and don't want to gain weight without knowing. It's really hard to say what to do. I can't deny that there are many people that do gain weight doing this. It is a leap of faith. You say you are liking the calm feeling you have. Also I'm not sure how much you binge and how much it impairs your life. Some people might be happy bingeing once a week or so if it means maintaining a lower weight. I thought that was where I was but I'm just really getting tired of the bingeing now.
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