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Originally Posted by veggiedaze View Post
Southerenmaven - I am finding this about the hunger thing. I am really not fearing being hugry at all anymore. When I get hungry at work and it's not breaktime yet I don't feel all panicked like before because I know eventually I'll be eating and I can eat as much or whatever I want. Bingefree talked about this too. It really is true. All of a sudden hunger doesn't seem like a bad thing and you actually find it comforting because it means your body is working properly.
Agreed! I can't ever remember "embracing hunger" before in my life, but that's the best way to describe how I feel about it now. No matter how hungry I may be, I never panic, because I know that eventually I'll eat. I try not to get too hungry, obviously, because there's always a danger that I'll eat too fast and therefore eat too much, but if I'm in a situation where I can't get any food right away, it's no longer a source of worry and frustration.
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