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I'm starting my 5th year of maintainence & it's always been hard. I'm 5 ft 3 too & I'm only 4 lbs over my ideal weight of 134 but & it bums me out my favorite skinny size 6 black jeans are very snug. Thankfully I got down from my redline weight of 140 lbs - something I swore I'd never ever want to see on the scale ever again 5 years ago but it finally happened this year.

Since I reached my maintenance weight it's been very challenging - largely due to injuries (runner's knee, baker's cyst, ankle sprains, vertigo). Each time I've been injured I've had to adjust (e.g. stop running/start walking more, avoid my favorite lower body exercises like squats/lunges & find more knee friendly exercises, learn to eat better versus eating whatever I want & burning off the calories later). I've even had to adjust my maintenance weight upwards because my body just couldn't do all those high intensity workouts anymore since my injuries - a few pounds was just not worth it.

Now I'm battling tennis elbow so I can't lift weights - which was my favorite type of exercise & probably contributed to this injury. I went into a mini depression & ate more than I should've this past weekend. However, I woke up Monday & I asked myself what is the alternative? Gain back the 30 pounds I worked so hard to lose? I made an appointment with a sports therapist next week & went on-line to find some tennis elbow exercises to help relieve the pain until my appointment. I drank a lot of water (I was so thirsty from eating so much salt during the weekend) & ate a lot of fruits, veggies, & lean protein the rest of the day & I felt so much better about myself.

But I have become complacent too - I'm finally back on tracking calories on (something I stopped last year). Complacency sneaks up on you slowly. I used to have only 1 cheat meal on Saturday & Sunday but I then I also starting having one on Fridays too. I used to check the calorie count for restaurant meals so by the time I reached the restaurant I knew exactly what I would order & skip dessert. Now I realize I would just go to the restaurant & order whatever I wanted along with dessert.

However, I have a plan - I envision myself fitting back into my skinny black jeans & buying a nicely fitted top once I reach my goal. I'm aiming for the June at my daughter's birthday party surrounded by jealous relatives who have been waiting for me to gain back the weight for years - I'm determined to feel good about myself not to give them the satisfaction.

Remember you always have a is yours & no one else's to make.
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