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I really don't like the word "diet." Diet to me, means something that is temporary--deprivation of certain foods--a word that is certain to fail, and often ends up gaining all and more of the weight back.

I prefer life style change for permanent weight loss. Meaning total control over your health--which means to me portion control over deprivation of certain foods that you may like.

I really don't believe that anyone gained 200 pounds because they ate too much chocolate cake. The problem is we ate and or drank too much of everything. And that is the point we should all address--"how many calories are we consuming compared to how many calories we are expending through exercise and daily activities." And once you have total control over that question, fully understand it, and change lifestyles to accommodate it, the pounds will melt off and no one will ever have a weight problem again.

Eat less--move more

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