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Originally Posted by SouthernMaven View Post
Oh lin43, no offense taken! I totally understand where you're coming from.
Again, thank you everyone for having such a safe place to discuss these ideas and struggles! This issue, when I've discussed it in the past, does seem to bring out strong feelings, but I feel very unjudged here as I ask questions and ponder.

Originally Posted by lin43 View Post
You have perfectly expressed the main conflict I have when I read a thread like this one. In fact, for some reason---and I'm not proud to admit this---I tend to get a little angry reading posts from those who have "stopped dieting." For those who posted such---Southern Maven, bingefree, et al---please don't hate me for being honest. It's really nothing personal. Perhaps I'm envious because you've reached some Nirvana that I would love to get to but can't. I keep asking myself, "But how???" Just knowing is not the same as doing. I can tell myself ad nauseam to "Eat like a normal person. Don't diet" but I when I do that, I know all along that I'm faking it. In reality, like Wannabe noted, I want to eat half or a WHOLE loaf of that crusty Italian bread---and with butter.
YES!! And again, YES!! This is me in many ways. And I know for a fact there's a huge element of envy on my part. I see "normal" eaters and am astounded. I want that for myself. And I want it to be easy. But, here's the thing. I've never been a normal eater. I've always had some sort of issue with food. At least now I'm thin (and fit) with food issues, instead of obese (and unhealthy) with food issues. And, for me, that's a type of progress.

To go back a few posts, I will say that I think my own current issues with occasional binging are a combination of habit, as has been mentioned, and my broken relationship with sugar. I think habit is a huge part of it. Which is so interesting when we think about all the negative feedback our bodies and minds get from binging - but still, there must be enough positives that I keep on doing it from time to time.
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