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Originally Posted by lin43 View Post
You have perfectly expressed the main conflict I have when I read a thread like this one. In fact, for some reason---and I'm not proud to admit this---I tend to get a little angry reading posts from those who have "stopped dieting." For those who posted such---Southern Maven, bingefree, et al---please don't hate me for being honest. It's really nothing personal. Perhaps I'm envious because you've reached some Nirvana that I would love to get to but can't. I keep asking myself, "But how???" Just knowing is not the same as doing. I can tell myself ad nauseam to "Eat like a normal person. Don't diet" but I when I do that, I know all along that I'm faking it. In reality, like Wannabe noted, I want to eat half or a WHOLE loaf of that crusty Italian bread---and with butter.
Oh lin43, no offense taken! I totally understand where you're coming from.

The more I experience "non-dieting" and the more I read about others who are doing it, or who have attempted it without success, the more I'm convinced that each person has to come to it on their own. You know how when you reach a point with your weight that you say "Okay, I've had enough? I just HAVE to lose this weight, and NOW!"? And then you go on to do just that?

I think entering the "non-dieting state of mind" (apologies to Billy Joel) is very much the same. It certainly was for me. And the jury's still out for me - will I continue to be able to be comfortable in my current body and my current way of eating? Right now I believe so....but if for some reason I should lose all control and blow up like a Pufferfish then my attitude may change. But it's hard for me to really describe how totally and completely disgusted I had become with the obsession over losing weight, counting calories, and agonizing over every doggone thing I put into my mouth. I couldn't enjoy ANYTHING any longer, and I was finished worrying about it.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - I have two things (well, maybe three) going that probably make it easier.

#1. I'm not that much overweight - I've yo-yo'ed with 20-25 lbs, but I've never gotten into the obese category. I'm probably no more than 20 lbs overweight right now, maybe a bit less.

#2. I've had a significant portion of my life where my eating was not disordered and I maintained a normal weight without effort. This last phase of yo-yo dieting has only been going on about 12 years.

#3. (which is tied in to #2) - I'm 61 years old. I'm tired of this ap-cray. Really, truly sick and tired of it. I don't want to spend my last years on this earth dealing with it. My age is a huge factor in all of this.

So I think it's very wise of you to realize that you just aren't there yet. And you may never be. It's really not enough to WANT to do it. You have to be at a point that you know you have no other choice.
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