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sorry to hear you are having a tough time surfergirl2. I have definitely done the sticking to a diet, bingeing, and then changing the plan thing. I never really did no dieting or plan before now except on vacation where i suddenly stopped bingeing. so that could say something or it could have been that i was just too busy and having a good time to even think about bingeing. In the last couple years i was mostly just trying to aim for maintenance calories but i am just too obsessive about it and it really took over my life and upped my stress levels, and the binging did not stop. I'm brand new to the no diet thing and have only been able to have the courage to do it because it works so well with my sister, and the support on this site is a huge help. Don't know if it will work out with me or not but so far so good. I haven't binged, but I have by no means been perfect either. I've had a couple over eating episodes and just really trying to figure out my own psychology. I am also not weighing myself because I just don't want to factor that into the equation. for now I just really want to free myself from bingeing. Who knows, if I gain a tonne of weight I may be compelled to count calories again, but would have to accept the binging might also return (if it even goes away in the first place). I really don't know anything. just taking it one day at a time and so far it's going okay, not perfect, but okay.
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