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Default am so frustrated. Same story as always...i manage to stick with a diet for a month or so, and then i start binging, and the binging becomes more and more frequent until the point where the diet just CLEARLY is not working, and then i figure it's time for a diet break or a new plan, even though a diet break is not warranted since i've barely lost any weight. I keep trying to just raise my calories, basically i'm at maintenance level calories right now, and i STILL can't stick with it!! If i just "stop dieting," however, i'll end up higher than my weight of 160.5 this morning, which is not acceptable. I just don't know what to do I know what will probably happen is that i'll just give up for a couple of weeks, gain another few pounds, panic, and then start on a new diet, do great for the first few weeks...and thus the cycle begins again. Well...if that happens...i guess the good news is that i'm not GAINING weight, just relosing and regaining the same 5 pounds. Better than gaining i guess
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