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Originally Posted by surfergirl2 View Post

But, veggiedaze, if you could not diet and maintain at a desirable weight, i would take that and RUN. Seriously. If i could even maintain at 155 without dieting, i would totally settle for that. In fact, that would be my dream. 165 is only 10 pounds above that, but i just feel so weighed down at that's just not a good weight for me.
Surfergirl - I think you have the wrong idea with me. I do maintain a desirable weight but I ALWAYS DIET. And I am miserable and have an eating disorder which is binging. I would not have believed I could stay at a desirable weight without dieting if it weren't for my twin sister who mainains an even lower weight and does not diet. I would have just said, some people can maintain a low weight without dieting but not me, I have to diet becuase of my genes or whatever other excuse. But I cannot use genes as an excuse. My twin has the same genes. She was just like me before, constantly dieting to maintain her thin frame. She gave it up though and decided to accept if that meant weighing more. And she did weigh more at first but slowly it came off. And by slowly I mean really really slowing. not the instant gratification of seeing the scale go down continually as it does with dieting until we are derailed by binging. she gave up the fear. I am working on that.

Also surfergirl, when you gained weight you got scared and didn't like the weight gain and so panicked and went back to dieting. If you had been more patient with yourself, not stressed about the weight gain, and worked through some other things maybe you would have lost weight again. I think the automatic response to diet as soon as we see weight creeping up does not allow us to really get to the root of things. Also I think to get over dieting we must accept weight flucuations without panicking. You viewed gaining weight back as evidence that not dieting doesn't work. Whereas you could have viewed the weight gain as part of the process.
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