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Thank you for posting that article. I didn't read it all, but what I did read was interesting. I've always eaten organic when I can because common sense tells me that food grown with chemical pesticides cannot be good to consume (and if every food I consume is grown that way, then I'm getting a pretty large dose of pesticides). I understand that some sort of pesticides are used in organic farming, but not as many as conventional. I was surprised that testing is not done on organic foods, and I think consumer advocates should weigh in on that; it's a major area of potential consumer fraud. However, I do think some checking is being done because I often see labels on organic foods that say that they've been certified organic by "such and such" (can't remember the names). Believe it or not, I tend to trust outside organizations more than I would our government. Also, I try to buy organic foods mainly from companies who have always been organic. I somehow just don't trust Kraft organic products because they seem to be cashing in on the latest fad.

Another reason I buy organic dairy and meat is because the animals are treated more humanely than on conventional farms (many of which are akin to torture chambers for animals).

So, I appreciate the skepticism of the author of that article, but I'm not convinced enough to stop buying organic.
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