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I'm finding calorie counting easy--in large part due to MyFitnessPal. (LoseIt! is another popular app)

I've been reading the Beck Diet Solution (which is not a plan) and based on it, have been planning in advance. Instead of logging food after I eat it, I log food the night before as my plan for the next day. Before the day starts, I know what I'm going to be eating when. That makes it easy to be sure my calorie counts (and now protein, fiber, and carbs) are right before the day even starts.

I find that the planning works even when busy or under stress, because I took that 5 minutes the night before to plan the next day--stressed or not, I can follow a plan--I just can't create one under stress.

I think even with calorie counting, there is room for some level of intuitive eating, but I'm finding that a clear daily plan is working really well for me.

MyFitnessPal is an app, but there's also a website, so a smart phone isn't required. There aren't any other costs to it.

I will say that the MFP forums aren't anywhere near as good as 3FC, but I'm not there for the forums and support--I'm there for the calorie counting and the select group of friends I've gathered. (Think Facebook--it's a social media thing if you want it to be)
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