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Kaos - I feel you on the no weight loss...I was cruising pretty good but then for 4 days I lost like .2 pounds or nothing. I was starting to get real frustrated then this morning I had a 1.4 pound loss. That brings me to 17.4 pounds. They say don't weigh yourself every day but you know what...its what gets me out of bed every morning and motivated to continue on the diet. When I lose, I am excited and happy to eat my medifast. When I don't lose, I am determined to do drink more water or eat exactly every 2 hours so I can lose the next day.

I LOLed at your big as a whale comment. I feel that way too. I too have noticed some changes...not in my pants so much, because I won't wear tight pants to begin with, but in my tshirts. My old navy mens XXL which I don't know how I'd survive without them lol, fit better now. My tummy does not poke out as much and I feel comfortable. I know from this point it will keep getting better....some days its harder to think that way but over all I know I FEEL better...and my clothes FIT even when the scale does not show it I know this is working.
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