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Default First mini-goal!! Onederland, 212 to 196 :)

I can't believe I get to post in the mini-goal forum!!

I started out at 212lbs on 10th December 2012. I've been doing Intuitive Eating and regular walking to get rid of the first 16lbs. I hope this can show a bit of a difference for anyone who's still at the beginning of their journey. I don't think i could have kept my head in the game without the support i've had on this forum I've now started strength training, and am gravitating towards a mostly clean, low-ish carb way of eating. I can't say I won't need to officially go on a diet to get to goal, but I'll cross that bridge if I come to it! For now, what I'm doing is working and I'm enjoying it, so I'm sticking with it! If you like you can check out my 3FC blog, I've tried to blog regularly about the intricacies of IE etc

Sorry if the pics aren't great, I only ever post from my phone! The wonders of technology I'll add my graph in as well to show the fluctuations I've had, and that they're entirely normal! My next goal is *** 175 VICTORY MODE *** That'll be awesome for a whole host of reasons: I'll be at the weight I was through most of my 20s (I hated it then but did nothing about it, and what I wouldn't give to be back there now!!), most of my clothes will fit, I'll no longer be obese according to BMI, I'll be happier on *that* side of the camera, and... I can go back on the pill! Yay So from here I have 21lbs to go until my next mini-goal. Onwards and downwards!

212lbs - 10th December 2012

196lbs - 15th February 2013


Can't wait to be able to come back and post again at 175
2.5 years later... found the way to combine IE with calorie counting!

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