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Originally Posted by 200poundquest View Post
Thanks for the info I think I'll wait until I can get it on sale or pre-owned for a decent price in case I can't use it for awhile. Definitely can't do jumping exercises. That's one thing I like about sports active, you can remove exercises you can't do (or the kinect won't track), tho I wish they'd let you replace them with something else.
I'll have to look into that game. I went to gamestop and specifically asked for a game that I could remove certain exercises from because of my knees and the only thing they had in stock to suggest for fitness other than the $50 Nike+ game was Just Dance, Dance Central or Biggest Loser. I can't dance because of my two left feet so I suppose I chose the lesser of the three evils.

Bob made me do some lunges yesterday and kept saying "I'm noticing you're having trouble going deeper with these." Well duh computer Bob! I wish you'd let me tell you more about my knee problems!
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